Meet Bobo the Clown

Clown Cinnamon Firefly Ball Python

We picked up Bobo the Clown earlier this year, and are amazed with him. We love him so much we immortalized him in our new Northwest Reptiles sticker! Bobo is a Clown Fire Cinnamon Pastel, AKA Clown Cinnamon Firefly, or even Clown Fire Pewter. No matter what you want to call him there is no mistaking that he is utterly stunning! He’s also as friendly as he is beautiful. He’s about 500 grams, so it’s time to start seeing if … Continue reading

Fall update

We haven’t reported a lot this season, but we have been busy. Several clutches with 3 gene animals were hatched, like Lesser Bees, and Bumble Bee butters, as well as a LOT of double and single gene animals. Almost no normals this season. One odd clutch was 4 normals, from a female that was bred to a pastel super butter. This SHOULD have produced all butters, and butter pastels, instead the result was all normal females, that look similar to … Continue reading

You know you are a REAL Ball Python Owner When:

You’ve been raising rats for 10 years, and do not know their natural lifespan. Your freezer is full, but your wife is constantly complaining that there is nothing in the house to eat. You get a sunburn and worry that you are not shedding in one piece. You have a reptile dysfunction. Your wife tells you it’s either her or the snakes, so you start measuring her sewing room to see how many aquariums/racks you can fit. You get a … Continue reading