Meet Bobo the Clown

We picked up Bobo the Clown earlier this year, and are amazed with him. We love him so much we immortalized him in our new Northwest Reptiles sticker!

Bobo is a Clown Fire Cinnamon Pastel, AKA Clown Cinnamon Firefly, or even Clown Fire Pewter. No matter what you want to call him there is no mistaking that he is utterly stunning! He’s also as friendly as he is beautiful.

He’s about 500 grams, so it’s time to start seeing if he can get interested in girls. I have several clown and scaleless head projects I want to get him involved in. His greatest breeding competition is Pyro the Clown who is genetically similar. Pyro is a Firefly Clown, or Fire Pastel Clown.

Northwest Reptiles New Logo and Sticker

Here is Bobo Immortalized as a sticker, and maybe eventually a website logo.

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  1. Ken Heili says:

    That’s Awesome!

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