Meet Bobo the Clown

Clown Cinnamon Firefly Ball Python

We picked up Bobo the Clown earlier this year, and are amazed with him. We love him so much we immortalized him in our new Northwest Reptiles sticker! Bobo is a Clown Fire Cinnamon Pastel, AKA Clown Cinnamon Firefly, or even Clown Fire Pewter. No matter what you want to call him there is no mistaking that he is utterly stunning! He’s also as friendly as he is beautiful. He’s about 500 grams, so it’s time to start seeing if … Continue reading

Ball Python Twins!

This ball python egg has twins in it. It’s not the first time I’ve had twins in an egg. I had them once before several years ago, but didn’t realize it until they were already out. This is the first time for me to catch them on camera. Both are smaller than a normal Ball Python hatchling, because they have to share the space of a single egg. Normally a hatchling is around 70 grams in size. The smallest of … Continue reading

New Male: Fire Sterling Scaleless

New Male:  Fire Sterling Scaleless

This AMAZING animal is being acquired from Lovera Exotics. He’s a Fire, Cinnamon Pastel, Super Pastel and Super Scaleless Head, which makes him scaleless. Given that he is without scales (therefore naked) and he has Fire in him, we’ve decided on the name Flash. We can’t wait for his arrival, so we can take some more photos. nwreptiles #northwestreptiles #snakes #pythons #ballpythons #royalpythons #snakebreeder #livingart #pythonregius #ballpythonmorphs #qualityballs #ballpythonbreeder #newpickup #scaleless

Two New Females Arrived Today

Two New Females Arrived Today

First, we received a virgin adult, VPI Axanthic Scaleless Head from Martin Morphs. After a quarantine period, we’re going to breed her with a Fire Black Pewter Scaleless Head male we have. We could get our first scaleless snake from this combo. Next is a 2020 VPI Axanthic Scaleless Head Het Hypo female. Very similar to the older one above. Both originally bred by Jason Amos Reptiles

New clutch, with more Cafe possibilities

  This will be another exciting clutch.  The female is a Bumble Bee, and the male is our very own Barista combination.  The Barista, is a combination of the Cafe, and the Mojave. I caught her as she was just starting to lay her eggs.  It’s not going to be a big clutch, but exciting just the same. This is the first time we’ve put the Cafe with a spider gene, and while we have made Cafe-Mojave’s and Cafe-Pastel’s in … Continue reading