Ball Python Twins!

This ball python egg has twins in it.

It’s not the first time I’ve had twins in an egg. I had them once before several years ago, but didn’t realize it until they were already out. This is the first time for me to catch them on camera.

Both are smaller than a normal Ball Python hatchling, because they have to share the space of a single egg. Normally a hatchling is around 70 grams in size. The smallest of these two is only 24 grams, but as of now, she has eaten her first mouse, the same day as the rest of the clutch did. So she’s tiny, but not going to get left behind.

The bigger one is 38 grams.

Sire name: PheonixDame name: Sienna
Image of Fire Black Pewter Scaleless Head Het Piebald, Het Orange Ghost ball python
Morph: Fire, Black Pewter, Scaleless Head,
Double Het Pied/Hypo
Image of Café Het Piebald, Ball Python
Morph: Café Het Piebald
Image of Ball Python Eggs
Twin ball pythons, from one egg
Here are the two girls from this egg. Both are 50% het for Hypo (or Orange Ghost), and 66% chance of being Het for Piebald, or Pied. One is Scaleless Head, and the other is Café.
Image of Scaleless Head ball python baby
Scaleless Head, Possible Double Het,
She’s a whole 38 grams.
Tiny Ball Python baby
Black Pastel, Possible Double Het
Only 24 grams!
Here are the twins!

Other Images of the Clutch

Eight Ball Python hatchlings from the seven eggs.

Two Black Pewter Cafés, one is also Scaleless Head
Image of Piebald Ball Python
Fire Piebald Scaleless Head 50% het Hypo
Image of Baby Pied Ball Python

Sadly Phoenix, the sire of this clutch, is no longer with us. One one of the coldest weeks of this last winter, we had an issue with heat on the bottom row of his rack, and he and one other, didn’t survive.

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