Two new additions

Two new ball pythons I added a couple weekends ago, at the Seattle reptile expo.

This is a female Banana Russo. Any male Bananas she makes, will be female makers, instead of the common male makers.

Also Russo, should fit nicely into my collection.

A Champagne female. Shaun has had this morph in his collection, but I have not. I like them because they are an “extreme” morph, both in color and pattern. Purchased from Gex Wear

I’ll have to grow them up before I can do anything with them, but they are both great eaters so far, so maybe it won’t take long.

Two new additions was last modified: September 16th, 2020 by Tom
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2 Responses to Two new additions

  1. russell wilson says:

    They are both gorgeous. I want a baby female if and when you have any. Awesome additions congrats. Do you have names yet?

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