Ball Python Morph: Woma Black Pastel


Designer Combination
Woma (Co-Dominant)
Black Pastel (Co-Dominant)

The Woma Black Pastel (or maybe Black Pastel Woma) is a combination of The Woma ball python, and the Black Pastel ball python.

It’s an interesting combination, that nicely blends, but yet subdues both morphs in both pattern and color. We are not the first to produce this combo, but we were able to find only one other photo on the Internet for one, so we know there are not many of them.

As of the time of this entry, we have two woma black pastel balls, one male and one female. Both are late 2012 hatchlings from a female woma, and a male black pastel.

Woma Black Pastel was last modified: January 2nd, 2015 by Tom

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