Term: Morph

What is a morph?

A morph is a genetically reproducible, visual mutation from the original animal.

For example, the Spider ball python, has visible traits, that make it different from the standard wild caught (also known as “normal”) ball pythons. This trait will also be passed down to approximately 50% of the offspring when crossed with a normal ball python.

Such visual mutations happen randomly, in both, wild ball pythons, and those in captivity. When an interesting mutation is found, professionals, and even hobbyists, will try to prove such a mutation to be genetic, and in doing so, they can “prove” a new morph.

Designer morphs, are the art of combining genetic morphs, to make a whole new design. The Bumble Bee is a designer morph, because it is the cross between a Spider ball python, and a Pastel ball python, making a snake that is purely a man-made creation.

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