Ball Python Morph: Black Pastel



Proven by:

Gulf Coast Reptiles (2002)

Black pastel ball pythons are similar in appearance to cinnamons, except they are darker while the cinnamons tend to have a brown base color, and both with the same floating keyholes that tend to run together, on their laterals.  I refer to them as floating keyholes because they do not always touch the bellies of the snake, like  in many other morphs.

These two morphs are also similar genetics, and have proven to be compatible. When bred to each other the “super” form is a solid dark brown/black morph with a solid white underside, known as the black ball, or 8-ball. I feel that the best black ball is produced by mixing these two morphs.  It’s been said many times, that if you line breed black pastels, you may have troubles with malformed heads, and other abnormalities.

Future projects we are planning with our black pastels, are black bees, black balls, and Sterlings.

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