Ball Python Morph: Woma



Proven by:

Kevin McCurley of NERD (1999)

The original founding Woma ball was acquired directly from Africa and imported to the USA.

The Woma ball python is named for its well defined thin banding that actually resembles a woma python ( Aspidites Ramsayii). It also appears to resemble a Genetic banded ball python at first glance. Additional traits of the Woma ball python is its exceptionally clean belly, yellow upper lips, faded head markings, and defined by a thin, highly banded pattern. The Woma ball is producing some of the most incredible mutations out there.

The Woma ball python is classified as a Dominant gene the super form looks identical to the Woma itself. The only difference is the super form will pass the woma gene to 100% of it’s offspring, instead of only 1/2 of them.

Woma ball pythons can show a “wobble”, similar to that of a spider ball python. This is not harmful, but can appear that the animal has a balance issue (like an inner ear infection in a mammal.) One of our favorite Woma balls is call “Crazy Wally” due to his not appearing to know up from down, and his head it naturally at a 45 degree tilt.

Woma balls mesh exceptionally well with other mutations, often influencing pattern & coloration in unexpected ways.

Do not confuse the Woma with the Hidden Gene Woma, which is not a woma at all, but an entirely different morph. The Hidden Gene Woma has been proven by Nerd to be a Co-Dominant morph, but the super form (the Pearl) dies very young, due to some failure to thrive. (Sudden Hatchling Death Syndrome?? [Not actually]) The HG woma, combined with the Lesser Platinum or with a Butter can give you a Soul Sucker. (very rare)

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