The Mystic ball python is a co-dominant morph. It is common belief that the mystic is the same genetics as a phantom, proven by Ralph Davis. Only time and breeding tests will tell.

The mystic looks like a darker Mojave Sort of a black with burnt orange highlights.

Mystics carry the same allele as the Mojave, lesser platinum, Bamboo, butter (and others) but somehow the result is quite different.

By breeding a Mystic/Phantom to a Mojave you have a 25% chance of hitting on a Mystic Potion. The Mystic Potion is an awesome mixture of subtle purple, gray and pink markings.

Over the years we’ve produced many awesome Mystic combinations, including Mystic Potions, Potion Pins, Super Mystics, and Super Mystic Pins, with many more things yet to come.  We are planning to mix the mystics soon with our Scaleless, Pied, Clown and Enchi projects, as well as some others.

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