The original founding Woma ball was acquired directly from Africa and imported to the USA.

The Woma ball python is named for its well defined thin banding that actually resembles a woma python ( Aspidites Ramsayii). It also appears to resemble a Genetic banded ball python at first glance. Additional traits of the Woma ball python is its exceptionally clean belly, yellow upper lips, faded head markings, and defined by a thin, highly banded pattern. The Woma ball is producing some of the most incredible mutations out there.

The Woma ball python is classified as a Dominant gene the super form looks identical to the Woma itself. The only difference is the super form will pass the woma gene to 100% of it’s offspring, instead of only 1/2 of them.

Woma ball pythons can show a “wobble”, similar to that of a spider ball python. This is not harmful, but can appear that the animal has a balance issue (like an inner ear infection in a mammal.) One of our favorite Woma balls is call “Crazy Wally” due to his not appearing to know up from down, and his head it naturally at a 45 degree tilt.

Woma balls mesh exceptionally well with other mutations, often influencing pattern & coloration in unexpected ways.

Do not confuse the Woma with the Hidden Gene Woma, which is not a woma at all, but an entirely different morph. The Hidden Gene Woma has been proven by Nerd to be a Co-Dominant morph, but the super form (the Pearl) dies very young, due to some failure to thrive. (Sudden Hatchling Death Syndrome?? [Not actually]) The HG woma, combined with the Lesser Platinum or with a Butter can give you a Soul Sucker. (very rare)

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