Bumble Bee

So named for the high-contrast black and yellow bands, they are gorgeous snakes, far better than either parent!

The Bumblebee Ball is a very beautiful double homozygous Ball Python. They are the result of breeding a Spider Ball to a Pastel Ball. In reality they are simply an animal that exhibits two traits at one time (this is what makes it a designer morph, it’s a man made creation.)

The Bumble bee is easily one of our favorite combos, and is a very popular morph with ball python enthusiasts worldwide!  Take the webbed, high-white, reduced pattern of the Spider and crank the yellow way up by adding the Pastel gene to the mix!  Bumblebees tend to have bright green eyes, influenced by both Spider and Pastel traits.

Also an important genetic combination for use in creating even more beautiful snakes, such as the Spinner Bee and Killer Bee.

Bumble Bee was last modified: June 19th, 2021 by Tom
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