Term: Proportional Thermostat

A Proportional Thermostat regulates the temperature of the animals habitat by adjusting the heat source higher and lower, not just on and off.

We especially like the Herpstat line of thermostats:

  • Herpstat Intro ( [amazon link=”B005PTMTQ4″ title=”Herpstat Intro”] ) One probe and output
  • Herpstat 1 ( [amazon link=”B005PTMTQ4″ title=”Herpstat 1″] ) One probe and output
  • Herpstat 2 ( [amazon link=”B005PTMTQ4″ title=”Herpstat 2″] ) Two probes and outputs
  • Herpstat 4 ( [amazon link=”B005PTMTQ4″ title=”Herpstat 4″] ) Four probes and outputs

We prefer the Herpstat 4 for multi-rack use, however we also own multiple Helix DBS-1000’s, we have not yet replaced.  A Herpstat 4, will power 4 large racks.


[amazon box=”B005PTMTQ4″]

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