Ball Python Morph: Queen Bee


Designer Combination
Spider (Co-Dominant)
Lesser Platinum (Co-Dominant)
Pastel (Co-Dominant)

Proven by:

NERD, Inc (2005)

The queen bee is alluring mix of Spider, Pastel & Lesser Platinum genes. The Queen Bee has a faded, light brownish pattern with yellow & white body coloration and soft, blue-gray eyes. With the light overall pigmentation & extremely reduced head pattern.

This is certainly one of my personal favorites. The Bumble Bee Butter, is the same thing, but with the Butter gene instead of the Lesser Platinum gene. Since both Butter, and Lesser Platinum, are considered to be different lines of the same gene, the morph is virtually identical.

Queen Bee was last modified: January 2nd, 2015 by Tom

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