Ovulating Female

This female Mojave is ovulating. The photo does NOT do it justice. She looks like she’s just eaten a jumbo rat, yet she hasn’t eaten anything in about 3 weeks.

The section starting a little over 1/2 way down, is bulging, and stretched out tight. Her entire body is tightened, and if I move her around about all that wiggles is her head.

Ovulating Ball Python, Mojave

Mo, female Mojave ovulating.

This photo was taken on February 23rd. In theory, it’s now 44 days until she lays her eggs. I counted the days on the calendar, and her due date is Easter Sunday.

In theory, on Easter Sunday, in my house, the Easter Snake, will be trying to hide her eggs.

This female is Mo. This is the third season since I purchased her as a proven breeder, and will be her first clutch for me. She was 1088 grams then, and is 2800 grams now.

She has been bred this year with only Merlin, my 2010 male Mystic. The clutch should yield about 25% mystic, 25% mojave, 25% mystic potion, and 25% normal.

Next year I’ll have four more mojave females, and a mystic female of age.

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