Ball Python Morph: Cinnamon Pastel



Proven by:

Graziani Reptiles (2002)

The Cinnamon Pastels are a deep chocolate brown with irregular dorsal markings, faded sides, and a solid white underside. Cinnamon pastel ball pythons are lacking the yellow, gold and black coloring of normal Ball Pythons.

Though not as strikingly impressive as some other morphs, the Cinnamons do possess an understated beauty unique unto themselves. Cinnamons were first proven genetic by the Greg Graziani in 2002. Brian Barczyk produced the first “Super” cinnamons in 2004. The supers are a solid dark brown/black animal.

Graziani Reptiles In 2003 bred their Cinnamon Pastel male to a Pastel Jungle female and produced the first Pewter Pastels.

Other variations of this mutation are being called Black Pastels and Red Axanthics.

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