The Pastel is one of the initial morphs that caused people to sit up and take notice of ball python mutations.  Widespread in captive collections, Pastels are extremely popular and a component of many exciting designer combos.

The Pastels are very pretty ball pythons. They lack most of the brown coloration that a normal ball has,and replace it with beautiful shades of yellow and orange. These snakes can be highly variable in appearance, from light, burnished gold to bright vibrant saffron yellow, on a grayish to blue-black background.

Pastel lines in captivity that all descended from different wild-caught stock, Pastels share the characteristics of light eyes, a white belly, and bold, contrasty black & yellow pigmentation.

They have become very popular in the ball python world because of their beauty and the fact that they are co-dominant means, you can make more really fast!!

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