Mojave ball pythons are highly variable – some are light, some are dark, many have brilliant gold-and-white pigmentation on a dark background, while others possess extreme blushing & greenish undertones.  Regardless of coloration, Mojaves all share reduced patterns with “teardrop” or “keyhole” lateral blotches.  First produced in captivity in 2000, Mojave balls were named for the desert near the home of Dan & Collette Sutherland – the original producers of this morph.

The “Super” form is a unique ghostly patterned variant of Blue-Eyed Leucistic known simply as the Super Mojave Ball. It should be noted that a large number of morphs have proven to be allelic to Mojave, including Russo, Lesser Platinum, Mystic, Special, and Butter, among others. Breeding any two of these types together will produce a ‘Super’ form, all of which are loosely termed ‘Blue-Eyed Leucistics’.

Mojaves also cross well with other morphs. Combining Mojave with Cinnamon Pastel, Mystic, Pastel, and Spider have produced excellent results!

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