Ball Python Morph: Fire



Proven by:

Kevin McCurley of NERD (1995)

The fire ball python (sometimes called a fireball) is a beautiful satiny gold morph, with rich coffee-like brown pigmentation where you would expect black. The fire ball python, also has banded patterns, leaving none of the common “alien heads” or “key holes” of other morphs.

The super form of the fire ball python, is the Black Eyed Leucistics which is a white snake with black eyes and red pupils, quite a sight to see. The Black Eyed Leucistics quite often has yellow splotches on it’s dorsal.

The fire gene, must have been given it’s name because of how it blends with other mutations, making them really stand out. One of these is the firefly, which is a fire and a pastel, or the Super Fly which is a fire and a super pastel.


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