Ball Python Morph: Decaf


Designer Combination
Pastel (Co-Dominant)
Café (Co-Dominant)

Proven by:

Northwest Reptiles (2014)


A Northwest Reptiles EXCLUSIVE!!!!  Hatched in May of 2014, this is the latest in our Café project. The Decaf is a combination of the Café and a Pastel, and after it’s first shed, we are not yet sure the best way to describe the pattern and coloring.

It is well known that a pastel will change it’s shading throughout it’s life cycle, so I must say only time can tell with this little girl.

So far, the colors show a high contrast between the blacks, and the lighter colors, as well as wild patterns, intense flaming, and blushing.

The keyhole pattern on the Decaf is distinct, but the colors also band, or saddle across the back, showing intense yellow where it hits the dorsal.  This is an exciting project for us, and we cannot wait to see more Decaf examples.

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