Ball Python Morph: Café



Proven by:

Thomas Tremain of Northwest Reptiles (2013)

A Northwest Reptiles EXCLUSIVE!!!!  The Café is a new morph. We purchased the first known animal from Joe Rollo, (which he apparently handpicked from a couple thousand imports) who thought he was likely a Mocha, but we proved that wrong when we crossed him with a mojave, and the combination was nowhere near the same as a Mocha-Mojave would look like.

The café is a darker animal, with nice white flames and the high contrast really makes the “alien head” and “Key Hole” patterns stand out. All but one of these so far, has a perfectly white belly. The exception has a small amount of speckling.

We have not yet released any of these animals outside of our facility. The first combination tried was the Café Mojave, or Barista. We are looking to try several more combos as well.

We are going on the assumption for now, that it is a co-dominant (incomplete dominant) morph, but cannot be sure until one of the 2013 females we hatched is big enough to breed back to another cafe or cafe combination.

May 2014 Update: The first Café-Pastel (Decaf) was hatched, and looks outstanding!

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