Ball Python Morph: Butter



Proven by:

Reptile Industries (2001)

Butter ball pythons are very similar in appearance to Lesser Platinums, yet descend from a different bloodline. They are one of the most important of base morphs and when combined with other genes, will add color and enhance the blushing. Butters have soft yellow markings on a caramel-like tan background.

The Butter is in a complex of genes with the Lesser, Mojave, Phantom, Mystic, and Russo. They share an allele pair with these other morphs. A ball python could have any two of these traits, or a single one twice, but never any more than that. You could have a butter-mojave, a butter-mystic, or a super butter, but you could never have a butter-mojave-mystic, or a super butter-mystic.

The Super Butter, homozygous form is also a Blue-Eyed Leucistic.

I’m really looking forward to what can be done with this gene. I’ve already seen some absolutely beautiful combinations.

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