Super Pinstripe Project

The Pinstripe is a dominant morph, not a co-dominant, because it does not have a super form, that looks different than the regular Pinstripe. To be more specific, to get a Pinstripe, the pinstripe gene must be passed down from either the sire or the dame. In theory, if BOTH, the sire and dame, pass the pinstripe gene, there should be a super pinstripe. To this day, people have tried, and there has never been a pinstripe to pinstripe mating … Continue reading

Surprise clutch

More ball python eggs showed up last night. While I am close to done for the season, I have 10 girls I’m still watching for eggs. Clutch #12-016! (16th clutch of the year) Pinstripe to Pinstripe, 4 healthy eggs! Most people do not breed Pinstripe to Pinstripe. Pinstripe is a dominant trait that has no visible “super” form. Meaning, if I have a hatchling that carries the gene twice (once from mom, and once from dad) it will look just … Continue reading

Easter Eggs! First clutch of 2012

Easter, April 8th, 2012. First clutch of the year. Four big eggs, produced by a Normal female and Mojave Male pairing. The eggs together weighed 475 grams. That is 1/2 the weight of Mamma after laying them. Georgia (mamma) is a smaller female, and her weight after laying, is 975 grams. The eggs have all been candled and are good. They are expected to hatch June 3rd. The outcome, by odds, would result in 2 (50%) Normal, and 2 (50%) … Continue reading

Ovulating Female

This female Mojave is ovulating. The photo does NOT do it justice. She looks like she’s just eaten a jumbo rat, yet she hasn’t eaten anything in about 3 weeks. The section starting a little over 1/2 way down, is bulging, and stretched out tight. Her entire body is tightened, and if I move her around about all that

Genetics 101: Recessive genes, and the Punnet square.

What can I get if I cross a …. The first thing a breeder wants to know, before setting up breeding groups, is the possible outcome of any pairing of snakes. To do this you first need to know if the traits you are trying to duplicate are dominant or recessive. The Punnett square is a diagram that is used to predict an outcome of a particular cross or breeding experiment. It is named after Reginald C. Punnett, who devised … Continue reading