Surprise clutch

More ball python eggs showed up last night. While I am close to done for the season, I have 10 girls I’m still watching for eggs.

Clutch #12-016! (16th clutch of the year)
Pinstripe to Pinstripe, 4 healthy eggs!

Most people do not breed Pinstripe to Pinstripe. Pinstripe is a dominant trait that has no visible “super” form. Meaning, if I have a hatchling that carries the gene twice (once from mom, and once from dad) it will look just like a hatchling that carries it once. The only way to tell if the hatchling is a super form, is to grow it up, and breed it to see if it gives off all pinstripe offspring…

Odds on this clutch, per egg, are:
25% normal
50% Pinstripe
25% Super Pinstripe.

So I’ll be holding onto all non-normals. Each will have a 33% chance of being a super.

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