Ball Python Morph: Blue Eyed Leucistics


A Blue Eyed Leucistics is often called a blue eyed Lucy, and commonly misspelled as “Lucistics”, is a white snake with blue eyes. Often these will have a small amount of darkness on the top of the head, or yellow down the dorsal.

Blue Eyed Leucistics can be produced by any two of (or a super of any of) the following:  Lesser Platinum, Butter, Mojave, Mocha, or Russo.

Different combinations tend to make better or cleaner specimens. A Super Mojave tends to have a little bit of a black smudge on the top of the head, and yellow speckling down the dorsal, while a Super Lesser Platinum tends to be cleaner, but can give you bug eyes.  A Lesser Platinum X a Mojave is a much cleaner combination.  I’ve heard preferences for several different combinations, and have not put most to the test yet.

All these traits share the same Allele, or chromosome pair. Since they share the single pair, you cannot have more than two of these traits in a single animal.

The phantom/Mystic, and the Special are examples of morphs that don’t make white Blue Eyed Leucistics, are still technically a BEL even if they have some light coloring.  The Mystic Potion is an example of the Mystic X Mojave, and a BEL that has coloring. Such examples are commonly NOT referred to as Blue Eyed Leucistics, and are more of a sub-class.

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