Ball Python Morph: Pinstripe



Proven by:

BHB Enterprises (2001)

The Pinstripe is very unique. A color and reduced pattern mutation with black lines and white highlighting, on a brown base, that yellows as it approaches the belly.

The pinstripe is a dominant gene, because it is visually indistinguishable from the super form. They only way to be sure if it’s a heterozygous pinstripe or the homozygous super pinstripe (aside from eliminating based on parentage) is to grow the snake up, and breed it.

The Pinstripe should produce approximately 50% pinstripes when bred to a normal, and a super Pinstripe’s offspring will all be Pinstripes when bred to a normal.

Some combos include: spinners (pinstripe x spider,) spinner blasts (pinstripe x spider x Pastel,) and jigsaw (pinstripe x mojave.)

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