Super Pastel

These beautiful, extreme yellow snakes have drastically faded heads & extensive blushing throughout the pattern that often takes on a purplish-grey appearance.

Super Pastels were first produced in 1999, they were the first “designer” ball python. Supers are created by breeding two pastels together, statistically this breeding should produce 50% pastels, 25% normals, and 25% supers.

“Super” by definition, means it carries the Co-Dominant pastel gene twice When bred with a normal ball python, every single offspring will be a pastel. This is also known as Homozygous.

As hatchlings, super pastels appear as an extreme version of a pastel. They are a bright neon yellow, with an opalescent pearl-like fading on their heads and well as their saddles. In addition to their great looks, supers are valuable from a genetic standpoint as well.

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