Lesser Platinum

This awesome looking mutation is definitely one of the most important morphs to come along in ball python breeding, and is an investment to add to any collection with a huge long term potential.

Lesser Platinums (often just called Lessers) are velvety brown & yellow, almost orange, snakes with a soft overall appearance, and blushing that is hard to believe, throughout the pattern.

The original male imported from Africa, named “Platty Daddy”, has been called a Platinum. His offspring have been 50% normals, and other 50% something that looks similar to daddy, but not so extreme. The genetics has been named “Lesser Platinum”. Last I’d heard, Ralph Davis, has still kept all the immediate babies of this sire to experiment to see if there is another genetic trait at work in the father. I’ve not heard of the outcome. Details there would be appreciated.

When two Lessers are bred to each other the result is 25% normals,50% lessers, and 25% Blue Eyed Leucistics. The Blue Eyed Lucy (Lucistics) is a white snake with blue eyes.

Lessers share the allele with several other morphs, including the Mystic, Mojave, Butter, Russo, Special, Mocha, and Phantom. This means you can have a snake with any two of these traits, or two of the same trait, but no more. Most of these combinations will make the Blue Eyed Lucistics, with small varying traits. The Lesser-to-Mojave Blue Eyed Lucy will produce a cleaner, more pure white snake.

Lesser Platinums also make beautiful combinations such as the Woma-Lesser, Lesser Bee, Queen Bee, and Lesser Pinstripe (or Kingpin) designer morphs.

Lesser Plattys are an awesome ball python morph and a super ingredient for great combos!

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