Ball Python Morph: Lesser Bee


Designer Combination
Lesser Platinum (Co-Dominant)
Spider (Co-Dominant)

Proven by:

Kevin McCurley of NERD (2005)

First produced in 2005, they are both a color and pattern mutation. The Lesser Bee is an exquisitely bright, contrasty animal created by breeding a spider to a Lesser Platinum. They are a light cream base color, with white sides, and the spider pattern has a soft brown tone. The Spider pattern is very refined & velvet brown. Eyes are light green, and the snake has a very soft overall appearance.

Breeding the Spider to a Lesser Platinum should statistically produce 25% normals, 25% spiders, 25% lesser platinums, and 25% lesser bees. These are the same results you would get if you bred a lesser platinum to a normal.

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