Ball Python Morph: Coral Glow



Proven by:

Kevin McCurley of NERD (2002)

The Coral Glow is another line of the Banana. It has very bright yellow and orange, as well as faint purple colors, and as it gets older, gets small black dots, which is likely where the name banana came from.

The genetics in the Coral Glow/Banana are unique. A female will produce the normal mix of approximately 50%/50% males and females. BUT the males are where this differs. A male from a coral glow/banana female, will produce about 95% females (among the coral glow/banana babies.) These males are called “Female Throwers”.

“Male Throwers” are much more common, because they are males produced from other coral glow/banana males. Any hatchlings in the clutch that do NOT contain the coral glow/banana gene will be unaffected by this change in the odds.

The Coral Glow line was first proven by NERD, in 2002
The Banana Ball line was proven by Will Slough, in 2003

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