Myths about Ball Pythons

This post will discuss common myths associated with ball python keeping in the hobby and what the truth behind those myths actually is. This is intended as an educational platform to supplement our other articles. “You need to move the snake to feed it or it will become cage aggressive.” This is based on an outdated belief that moving the snake would allow it to not associate the cage opening with feeding. It has since been proven that moving the … Continue reading

Feeders for Your Ball Pythons

Feeders for Your Ball Pythons

This particular post will encompass feeder rodents in all their glory: where to buy them, how to humanely euthanize them, myths regarding them, and more. This is your one-stop shop for rodent information, basically. Live vs F/T: The Great Debate One of the biggest debates in the reptile community, especially in ball python groups, is whether or not feeding live is “safe” compared to feeding frozen/thawed. The fact of the matter is this: both methods have risks. With live, your … Continue reading

New clutch, with more Cafe possibilities

  This will be another exciting clutch.  The female is a Bumble Bee, and the male is our very own Barista combination.  The Barista, is a combination of the Cafe, and the Mojave. I caught her as she was just starting to lay her eggs.  It’s not going to be a big clutch, but exciting just the same. This is the first time we’ve put the Cafe with a spider gene, and while we have made Cafe-Mojave’s and Cafe-Pastel’s in … Continue reading