Switching Ball Pythons from Live Meals to Frozen/Thawed Meals

We feed almost exclusively live mice and rats to our ball pythons. We do this for several reasons including: 1) ball pythons start easier on live meals, 2) when feeding a lot of snakes tease feeding can be very time consuming, 3) if we have left over feeders, we can just put them back in the tubs to grow a bit more. Many people would prefer to keep meals in the freezer, and thaw them as needed to feed to … Continue reading

X-Ray of Gravid Ball Python

  Shaun had one of his gravid ball pythons x-rayed the other day. I’m not sure of the circumstance, but the photo is very nice to have. Here she is, with 6 very obvious eggs. Click the photo to pull up an enlarged version. My first inclination was that x-rays are not safe, especially to a gravid (pregnant) animal, but then again, the minimal amount amount of x-rays used in today’s x-ray setups isn’t dangerous unless you are exposed regularly … Continue reading

Ball Python Psychology – The Problem Feeder

Ball Python Psychology – The Problem Feeder

Ball pythons are very picky eaters.  Books could be written about this subject alone. When your Ball Python has been eating regularly but stops suddenly, it can be frightening for a novice handler/owner, especially when; as mammals we eat multiple times every day, meanwhile, they can go half a year or more without showing any medical symptoms. In reality, BP’s will periodically take a break from feeding, but if it has been more than three skipped meals, there are a … Continue reading

Fall update

We haven’t reported a lot this season, but we have been busy. Several clutches with 3 gene animals were hatched, like Lesser Bees, and Bumble Bee butters, as well as a LOT of double and single gene animals. Almost no normals this season. One odd clutch was 4 normals, from a female that was bred to a pastel super butter. This SHOULD have produced all butters, and butter pastels, instead the result was all normal females, that look similar to … Continue reading

2013 Who’s Your Daddy Contest Winner!

2013 Who’s Your Daddy Contest Winner!

We are happy to announce (better late than never) the 2013 Who’s Your Daddy Contest winner. Congratulations to Jessica Schnipke of Ohio for winning a beautiful female Mojave ball python. She has already received her ball python and is looking forward to the next contest. Please keep your eyes peeled as we will be having another contest this coming season!  


We are rapidly expanding here at NWReptiles, and with expansion comes the building of more racks. We have built several racks recently, and I would love to go more in depth but I will do this at a later time. Yesterday we completed a new hatchling rack realizing we had no free spaces left and several clutches still to hatch.

Contest Update

The contest clutch is pipping early. Three heads were out, so I cut the last egg. No snake has yet fully emerged. I think I know what the morph will be, but I am not ready to make any sort of announcement. Once we have the snake, and it is identified completely (morph, sex, & weight) the winner will first be contacted before any public announcement will be made. The winner will be given 7 days to respond (as per … Continue reading

Easter Eggs! First clutch of 2012

Easter, April 8th, 2012. First clutch of the year. Four big eggs, produced by a Normal female and Mojave Male pairing. The eggs together weighed 475 grams. That is 1/2 the weight of Mamma after laying them. Georgia (mamma) is a smaller female, and her weight after laying, is 975 grams. The eggs have all been candled and are good. They are expected to hatch June 3rd. The outcome, by odds, would result in 2 (50%) Normal, and 2 (50%) … Continue reading